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The Best Transmission for Your Dune Buggy

Because you have the option of building your dune buggy from the ground up, you get to make a lot of decisions including a manual or automatic transmission. Doing the proper research to ensure you are making the correct decision for the type of driving you want to participate in is crucial. Read on to learn more about manual vs automatic transmission in dune buggies.

RV Accessories

Make the Most of Your RV With New Parts and Accessories

Owning an RV opens a plethora of doors, and enables you to explore places that otherwise may prove too expensive or tough to access. The experience can be improved even more with a wide array of RV parts and accessories that do everything from offering more light to providing more privacy.

Fixing An RV Trailer Roof

How To Fix A Leaking Roof On Your Travel Trailer

The best product on the market for trailer roof repair is Rubberized Leak Stopper. The sealant will get deep into the cracks to form a secure bond with the roofing material and creates a permanent seal. There product comes with an excellent guarantee and cost about $20.00 per gallon.

Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance

For a home air conditioner to function efficiently its filters, coil fins, and drains must be maintained regularly. Failing to do so will result in decreased performance with increased energy consumption and, in the worst case, failure of the unit in its entirety.

Recharging AC

Charging Your Car’s AC System

If you are going to charge the AC system in your car you will first need to know what type of Freon to add. You should be able to look in your vehicles owner manual or check your repair manual to see what was used. The newer Freon that is used today is R134 and the older Freon is R12 refrigerant.


Why Is My Car Overheating?

Having your car engine overheat is no fun, it can be a costly engine killer that will leave you stranded on the side of the road and expensive repair bills from your mechanic. Below I have listed the most common reasons your car overheats.