Charging Your Car’s AC System

If you are going to charge the AC system in your car you will first need to know what type of Freon to add. You should be able to look in your vehicles owner manual or check your repair manual to see what was used. The newer Freon that is used today is R134 and the older Freon is R12 refrigerant. If you have a car that was made after 1994 then there is a good chance you are using R134. Cars prior to 1994 would have used the R12 refrigerant and you should really have it converted over to R134 since they no longer allow you to use R12. If this is not the first time you have refilled your AC system and find yourself needing to recharge your system again, you should take it to a mechanic where they can check it for leaks.

In order to recharge your car’s AC system you will first need to get pressurized refrigerant also know as Freon and a pressure gauge so you know how much Freon is gong into you AC system. Most of the AC tools on the market are directed to professionals who do this all the time and they are very expensive. If you are a mechanic or have a fleet of vehicles then making the investment into the more expensive equipment would be a wise choice. If you are doing this to your family car or cars then the best option is to buy a kit that has the pressurized Freon and gauge all built into one. The kit will consist of a can of R134 and a pressure gauge. They work well and are available at any automotive parts store.

You are now ready to hook up your AC recharging system. The AC system has two sides to it a high pressure side and a low pressure side. You will want to recharge your AC through the low pressure side. If you do not know where the low pressure side is consult your repair manual. There will also be caps over each port and the caps should be marked, H for high and L for Low. Remove the low pressure cap and wipe the connection clean before attaching the AC recharging system. Once attached start the engine and turn the air conditioning in your car up to high. Look at the gauge on the AC recharging system and notice how much pressure is in your system. After a few minutes the gauge will either move up or down. If the gauge moves down you will need to add Freon to the system. Turn the gauge counterclockwise to start adding the R134 Freon into your system. Make sure and watch the pressure gauge as the refrigerant is being added. The part of the gauge that tells you the outside temperature will let you know when the AC system is full. Once full close the valve on the can and turn off the car. Remove the filler line from the connection and replace cap. Make sure and read all directions that come from the AC recharging system prior to use.

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