How To Fix A Leaking Roof On Your Travel Trailer

The best product on the market for trailer roof repair is Rubberized Leak Stopper. The sealant will get deep into the cracks to form a secure bond with the roofing material and creates a permanent seal. There product comes with an excellent guarantee and cost about $20.00 per gallon.

Before getting started on your trailer roof repair you will want to wash and clean the roof thoroughly to remove all the dirt particles. Once the roof is clean make sure and dry it off with a towel. Next you will need to remove any debris or old patching material by using a scraper or brush. Most of the time the old patch will lift or flake off the trailer roof. You want to be careful and not damage the roof when you are scraping.

When you are ready to apply the roof sealant it is a good idea to wear protective clothing and disposable gloves. The sealant is very difficult to get off your skin. To apply the sealant it is best to use a paint brush or metal trowel so you can spread the sealant evenly over the trailer roof seams. Make sure and apply a thick coat for the best results. You also want to spread the sealant one inch to each side of the seam when applying. Anything that is sticking up from the roof like vents, air conditioners, and antennas should be sealed. Cover all the seams and cracks in your roof, not just the areas that appear to be a problem. This will prevent future leaks from happening on your trailer roof.

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