How To Test Fuel Injectors

You have just started your car and realize there is an odd sound coming from the motor. If the car sounds like it is misfiring there is a good chance that one or more of your fuel injectors have become clogged. If you are mechanically inclined and do not want to waist your time and money with a mechanic, then you can test the injectors by simply using a multi-meter and a screwdriver or an ohmmeter. Below I have listed the procedure on how to go about checking your fuel injectors.

Step 1) Turn your ohmmeter to 2 or set your multi-meter to check for resistance

Step 2) You will want to disconnect the wires that go to the fuel injector.

Step 3) Next you will put your both meter leads on the two injector terminals and see what the display says.

Step 4) Look in your service manual for the vehicles resistance number. In most cases your injectors will have a resistance of 10 to 19 ohms.

Step 5) You will need to test each fuel injector. If you come across a fuel injector that has an ohm reading higher or lower then they will need to be replaced.

Step 6) The other way of checking your fuel injectors is with a screw driver. Start the car and place the screwdriver directly on the injector.

Step 7) Hold the handle of the screwdriver up to your ear. If you hear a rhythmic clicking then your injector is good. If you hear a clunk to clunk noise you have found the bad injector.

Step 8) If you hear an odd clicking pattern or you hear nothing, this means the wires, injector or plunger is sticking or bad. You can replace them or try to clean them.

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