Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance

For a home air conditioner to function efficiently its filters, coil fins, and drains must be maintained regularly. Failing to do so will result in decreased performance with increased energy consumption and, in the worst case, failure of the unit in its entirety.

AC Filters

Cleaning your AC’s filter is the most important maintenance task to ensure your air conditioner runs at peak performance. If your filter is dirty or clogged, normal air flow is drastically reduced, decreasing your system’s efficiency. A dirty filter will also require more energy. Cleaning the filter can reduce power consumption anywhere from 5 to 15%. If you use your AC a lot the filter can get dirty rather quickly. Pets with a lot of fur can also clog a filter faster than homes without pets.

Coil Fins

The fins on your air conditioner’s condenser can become bent or crooked quite easily. If your air conditioner is in constant use ensure on a regular basis these remain straight and unobstructed. Failing to do so could cause poor air intake.

Condenser Drains

A clogged unit’s drain channels will prevent your air conditioner from reducing humidity. Increased humidity in your house can cause discolor in your walls and carpet. Occasionally check your unit’s drain channels with a stiff wire to ensure nothing is blocking the exit.