The Best Transmission for Your Dune Buggy

Because you have the option of building your dune buggy from the ground up, you get to make a lot of decisions including a manual or automatic transmission. Doing the proper research to ensure you are making the correct decision for the type of driving you want to participate in is crucial. Read on to learn more about manual vs automatic transmission in dune buggies.

JM4 Motorsports states that manual transmissions are known for being easier to work on, so if you are planning on doing all of the repair work and maintenance, a manual transmission might be exactly what you are looking for. Manual transmissions can be tricky to drive if you don’t have any experience, but with practice it can be an achievable skill. Standard transmissions give you far more control over your power and speed. Climbing steep hills and peeling out are more easily achieved in a manual dune buggy.

Automatic transmissions are much easier to drive than a manual dune buggy. You can kick back and enjoy the experience of driving your buggy instead of worrying about the shifting and working the clutch properly. Another perk of an automatic transmission is it allows you to have two hands on the wheel at all times, giving you a more stable ride. However, a downfall to an automatic is they are not as fuel-efficient.

Those are only a handful of facts about manual vs automatic transmission in dune buggies. So are you the driver who wants to be more relaxed behind the wheel or the driver who is loves the challenge of climbing a steep, sandy hill?

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