Your Check Engine Light and Your Gas Cap

Check engine lights are often your first clue that there is a problem with your vehicle. In some circumstances, the light serves as a warning of a significant issue, while other times, it may be signaling a smaller one. Regardless of the size, it is important to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Your vehicle relies on careful tuning and a very specific balance, particularly in the EVAP system. You may wonder how your gas cap could possibly have anything to do with your engine light, but it is actually the first thing you should check in the average situation.

Certified Car Care says that a poorly fitting, or broken gas cap can allow fuel vapors to leak from the fuel tank. This leaking can upset the balance in your EVAP system reducing fuel mileage and even increasing your emissions. Bad for your car as well as the environment, it is easy to guess why resolving this problem quickly is in everyone’s best interest. Luckily, although it is a common problem, replacing your gas cap is both easy and affordable.

If you suspect that the gas cap is to blame for your check engine light, you can try refitting and securing it. The engine light may come and go if the cap is broken and the leak is detected, or it may only appear after you fill your gas tank. In either case, having your car checked at a maintenance garage can help you rule out other problems that may exist with your engine.

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